Do you want to surprise your family and friends with light and colorful Italian-style dishes such as sushi, lasagna, and more?


To be able to prepare thin slices of homemade fruits and vegetables without having to waste time and money to find them elsewhere,


Find out how.

  • No longer need to buy ready meals elsewhere
  • Surprise your family and friends with dishes made from thinly sliced fruits and vegetables with our slicer CoolSlicer™.

      The revolutionary shape of our CoolSlicer™ slicer, which allows you to hold food and cut it into thin sheets with its sharp blade, allows you to have innovative cuts.

      👌BOLD AND ORIGINAL PRESENTATIONS  - Perfect for daily cooking, our CoolSlicer™ adds a healthy touch to your daily meals. Instead of preparing your meals the way they are, spice them up and use the vegetable slicer.

      CoolSlicer™ to give a more creative and attractive look to your dishes.

      THIN SHARP BLADES  - COOLSLICER is equipped with the sharp blades which cut vegetables and fruit into fine leaves. The slicer can cut a wide range of vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, zucchini, beets, apples, pears and many more.

      100% BPA-FREE FOOD PRODUCT - our CoolSlicer™ is made of high quality BPA-free food grade plastic.

      Caractéristiques : 

      Size :

       How it works:

      1. Simply place your fruit or vegetable on the slicer.
      2. Insert the spit into your food.
      3. Lock the handle and turn to take advantage of the thin leaves.

      Audacious and original presentations,

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