Tired to spend a lot of money buying ready-to-use vegetables at the supermarket?

⏳ Do you love to cook but your current product makes you waste a lot of time preparing your vegetables?

🤦♀️ Are you fed up with always being afraid of hurting your hands when you practice your passion?

🔥 Find out how our Mandoline 7 in 1 FasTrancher™ saves you 70% of the time needed to cut your food.

Get rid of your traditional knife and finally discover our versatile mandolin.

Because of its very powerful steel blades, our FasTrancher™ potato, carrot, cheese, fruit slicer mandolin is surely your new wonderful kitchen accessory.

 This kitchen mandolin is made from food grade stainless steel and BPA free ABS plastic.

👌 Our mandolin FasTrancher™ allows you to prepare your food efficiently while avoiding :

  • Losing a lot of time just to cut your food.
  • Injuring your hands every time you want to cut your vegetables using the traditional knife.

EASY TO USE AND QUICK- Our Mandolin FasTrancher™ is very easy to use and is 7 times faster than the traditional knife, with this incredible speed you will be able to cut a large quantity in record time


MULTIFUNCTION 7 IN 1- These 7 stainless blades allow you to cut your food according to the shape of your requirements. You grate, slice and chop your food as you wish. Our mandolin FasTrancher™ cuts and slices with a precision that gives you the joy of seeing the uniformity of the pieces.

Better your food is cut, the less time it takes to cook it and the presentation is more beautiful on your table. 

 ⭐ YOUR HANDS ARE SAFE- because we care about your comfort, the blades of our mandolin FasTrancher™ are of very high quality allowing you to cut without too much effort or risk of injuring your hand. Not only does our mandolin cut more efficiently, but it is also safer than traditional knives.

With the hand guard, you will easily grasp vegetables and protect your hands from accidental cuts.

EASY DRAINING - Thanks to the draining basket supplied with the mandolin you will not need another product to drain your food after preparation.

EASY CLEANING- We recognize the pain and mess that other products cause after usage. Our mandolin FasTrancher™ can be put in the dishwasher which will save you even more time.

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      FEATURES :

      By buying our versatile mandolin FasTrancher™ you get :

      1 Mandolin FasTrancher™
      7 interchangeable blades
      1 pushbutton
      1 user manual
      1 cleaning claw
      1 Drainage basket

      Size :

      🎁 Gift Idea -Do you like to offer a gifts to your family and friends? Our grater FasTrancher™ is the best idea. We guarantee you a better experience with our products.

      If you are here probably because you love to cook it, then watch out FasTrancher™ will change your life !

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